“It hits you like a shock wave; that moment when you realise exactly where your friendship ends. Sure you have disagreements, who doesn’t? But this is different. Worse is you see he doesn’t even realise what’s happened. This burning mark seared into you friendship and he can’t even see that it’s him holding the brand. By now you’re no longer surprised, he actually thinks he’s doing you a favour, like you’ll owe him something for it down the way. What you once saw as just a strange quirk of his personality is revealed as the harsh reality of his worldview. You’re just a thing for him to use when he has need of you. And right now you are not required… But that’s ironically appropriate, it gives you the time to ensure that when he does need you, you’ll be long gone. Sure you could stay, try to help him sort his out problems but to what end? It’s clear he doesn’t even see the trouble he’s responsible for, his view of the world won’t abide it. So he can keep it, slate’s cleared you don’t owe him anything any longer. His fate is with the stars now…”

– Personal Log of Fleet Admiral Ras’Tok Lun commanding the Star Fleet Temperance, 2 hours before his forces abandoned the defense of Cor Caroli. [Translated]