About Me

My name is Justin Keverne, aka “CrashTranslation”.

As well as this site my articles on game design and criticism can be found on the stealth gaming site Sneaky Bastards, and occasional in assorted other places across the internet.

I spend far more time than is probably healthy playing, thinking about, and making games. This is a place for me to compile my thoughts on various facets of games and game design. It’s been said that: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” In that spirit this is my attempt to understand the expansive field of game design well enough. It’s a quest that’s taken years already and one I doubt will ever be complete. I’ll make mistakes along the way and hopefully learn from them and mature as a person and a designer.

For the moment I’ll continue groping in the darkness.

Twitter: GTElephant