OGN APEX Season 4 Final.

On October 21st newcomers GC Busan faced season 2 runners up RunAway in the OGN APEX Season 4 final.

If you haven’t already I’d recommend reading our introduction to each of the teams.

The APEX Season 4 final is a best of seven series following the format of: Control, Hybrid, Assault, Escort, Assault, Escort, Hybrid. With the exception of the first map – which is randomly selected – the losing team chooses the next map from the available pool. This series was played on the 1.14 patch, post-Junkrat changes, but before the Mercy and D.Va reworks, and without Junkertown.

Map 1 Control:

  • Nepal – Sanctum

Despite the majority of this map taking place inside GC Busan chose to bring out the Pharmercy with Hooreg and HaGoPeun. Sticking to their dive composition that had worked so well for them in the semi-final, RunAway enter the first fight with no direct answer to Hooreg’s Pharah, and suffered for it. Unwilling to switch their heroes, as it would mean the loss of KoX’s Zenyatta, the targeted Defence Matrix use of JJANU on the D.Va simply isn’t enough to mitigate the incoming damage from GC Busan.

JJANU’s self-destruct kill onto HaGoPuen’s Mercy with 91% accrued for GC Busan finally allow RunAway to take the point. Pushing their opposition back to their spawn area, for a moment it looks like they might be able to hold on. In the end RunAway simply didn’t have the ultimates to keep up their defence, and even a late game switch to Soldier 76 for KoX isn’t enough to keep them in the fight. GC Busan take the first map.

  • Nepal – Shrine

Sticking with what worked, it’s Pharmercy again for GC Busan. Pharah has always been powerful on open maps like Shrine and RunAway’s stubborn adherence to a Genji, Tracer DPS combo seems like a mistake. That is until KoX takes Hooreg out of the sky with a headshot from his Zenyatta.

Unfortunately, off the point, Profit is winning the Tracer battle against Stitch, and GC Busan take control.

With over 50% given over, Haksal kills Hooreg baiting out HaGoPeun’s ultimate. During the resurrect animation Haksal draws his Dragonblade striking down HaGoPeun, Closer on the Lucio, and the just resurrected Hooreg. Still it’s not quite enough. Profit takes out Haksal before falling to a self-destruct from JJANU and eventually the tank line of RunAway, supported by some outstanding play by Stitch allow them to take control with 80% already on the board for GC Busan.

Bumper keeps fellow support KoX alive in the face of an aggressive Profit, but they are pushed off the point and GC Busan are able to build up to 99% before RunAway can retake. Their opponents now entrenched on the point, GCBusan’s flex-DPS Hooreg brings out the Doomfist – a hero he made a name for himself on earlier in the season.

At 99% to 99% Haksal once more triggers his Dragonblade, slicing through Gesture’s Winston and dashing forward to engage Hooreg. A Rocket Punch pushes him away, unfortunately for GC Busan Haksal was the right hook when they should have been looking out for the left jab. Stitch comes in taking out Hooreg and Closer, before finishing up HaGoPeun.

RunAway take Shrine and already it’s clear this series isn’t going to be over any time soon.

  • Nepal – Village

Village has always been a popular map for Pharmercy, and having already run it twice GC Busan see no reason to change now. Again, a headshot from KoX takes out Hooreg’s Pharah, and again it’s not enough to secure the point.

The layout of Village means that while on defence the Pharah has relatively free reign, any attempt to attack the point itself require a descent to nearly ground level. It’s exactly this situation that RunAway attempt to exploit, Stitch and Haksal rushing in to initiate a capture, drawing GC Busan into an engage. The rest of RunAway are not far behind, covered by the Transcendence healing of KoX. Hooreg drops out of the sky and uses his Rocket Barrage to try and deal with the members of RunAway. This makes him a static target, a well-timed Deflect from Haksal sees a good portion of the Rocket Barrage damage directed back. JJANU has already dropped his self-destruct and manages to finish off Hooreg while out of his mech

Seconds later the self-destruct kills HaGoPeun before he can use his own ultimate, and RunAway finally take the point with 99% already conceded to GC Busan.

65% to RunAway and a second Rocket Barrage from Hooreg takes out several members, JJANU responds with another self-destruct but a beautifully placed Barrier Projector bubble from a mid-leap Gesture contains it. GC Busan are the only ones left alive, and a trickle of RunAway members aren’t enough to successfully contest.

Village, and the first game go to GC Busan.

Map 2 Hybrid:

  • Hollywood

As the losers of the first game RunAway choose Hollywood for their Hybrid map. GC Busan defend first, using a high ground defence with Hooreg on Soldier 76.

Stitch’s Tracer is spotted during an attempted flank but RunAway look like they’ve found an opening of their own when Hooreg drops to the low ground. Diving on him RunAway are suddenly caught out as the rest of GC Busan counter-dive, trapping them in a corridor and wiping them out.

Despite it not being their choice, GC Busan clearly have a plan for this map and they are executing it perfectly. RunAway are starting to look out of their depth.

The upper floor of the café beside the point is the primary place from which support players like HaGoPeun can watch over their team. Coming in for another push and Stitch is able to use Tracer’s superior speed and movement abilities to get into the ground floor of the café without being spotted. He takes out HaGoPeun’s Zenyatta, while TiZi coming in after him is able to deal with Hooreg. A Pulse Bomb kill by Stitch onto Gesture takes GC Busan’s Winston out of the fight and RunAway are able to secure the capture and start the payload moving.

Denying GC Busan the time to form a cohesive defence RunAway’s constant aggression allow them to push rapidly to the second point at the studio doors.

Moving inside and Stitch definitively wins the Tracer battle taking out Closer, Hooreg, and Gesture. Keeping up the aggression he accidentally pulls off what might be the first example of a zoning Pulse Bomb, a missed throw nevertheless driving GC Busan into a corner where Haksal is waiting with a Dragonblade.

Pure aggression wins out and RunAway complete the push on Hollywood with nearly two minutes on the clock.


On defence RunAway stick with their dive composition, while GC Busan modify theirs to allow Hooreg to play the Sombra.

After a couple of tentative attacks, Hooreg gets an early EMP and uses it immediately. The resulting team fight is messy and GC Busan lose both Hooreg and Profit, but their tanks are able to stick it out and they take the first third of the control meter. RunAway have never been one to give away the point easily and Bumper drops his Sound Barrier to contest, unfortunately it’s too late for TiZi’s Winston. With one tank down GC Busan make short work of the rest of the defenders and take the point with a forty second lead on RunAway’s time.

RunAway commit to contesting every single meter. The results are messy, uncoordinated, successful. The timer draining with every fight. Eventually RunAway are forced back into the studio to regroup. What looks like some breathing room for GC Busan suddenly turns into another fight however as the six members of RunAway all dive back in. At this stage RunAway is not so much a team as six individual players all out to do as much damage as possible. It works.

Hooreg miss throws his Translocator and can’t get away from JJANU’s self-destruct, Haksal draws the Dragonblade, Stitch and KoX take down Gesture, and Bumper finishes off WOOHYAL. RunAway are able to stop the payload barely four meters from the studio doors.

GC Busan have two minutes left, and aren’t out of it yet.

Sneaking around one of the flanks, Hooreg targets the opposing Zenyatta with his EMP and takes him out immediately. Without a Transcendence to provide sustained healing on the side of RunAway this is GC Busan’s fight. Their coordination is just better; their target selection cleaner. They take the fight and push on through the studio doors.

Inside it’s another fight, and another EMP from Hooreg that once again sees KoX go down. This is a far cry from the KoX whose Transcendence timing were so good against Hooreg’s Sombra the last time they faced each. A follow up self-destruct by WOOHYAL takes out Haksal and JJANU’s mech. GC Busan keep the push going.

Scant meters from the end and RunAway stabilise through solid plays by Haksal and Stitch. Now GC Busan have little time remaining, and few ultimates to work with.

Working himself around behind GC Busan Stitch misses his Pulse Bomb, his teammate JJANU however doesn’t miss with his self-destruct and takes out both tanks and the Lucio.

Another messy team fight follows, GC Busan come out on top, finishing their push in overtime meaning RunAway only need to take one third of the initial point (one tick) to win the game.


On the attack again and Stitch gets spotted attempting to flank causing Profit to chase him down. Hit by an Orb of Discord from HaGoPeun, Stitch takes a lot of damage and looks to be trying to disengage. Profit follow him back around to point and straight into the rest of RunAway. JJANU’s Defence Matrix keeps Stitch alive while he melee kills Profit. Haksal cuts down Gesture and HaGoPeun. RunAway take the point, winning Hollywood and tying the series.

Map 3 Assault:

  • Hanamura

It’s GC Busan’s map selection, and wanting to avoid RunAway’s favoured Temple of Anubis they instead choose Hanamura. On the defence first, they opt for a long-range composition with Hooreg on the Soldier 76 and HaGoPeun on the Ana. This will allow them to stand further back and cover their tank line from the elevated positions around the point.

Sticking with what worked on Hollywood it’s another dive composition for RunAway. Through the main doors and around to the right RunAway use the cover provided by the building there to scout out GC Busan’s positioning. Rushing out again TiZi is able to take down his Winston counterpart Gesture and initiate a push onto the point. The following team fight sees GC Busan forced to attack down toward their own point. A fraught situation and one that eventually works out in RunAway’s favour.

Resetting on point B, Closers switches from the Lucio to Zenyatta, with HaGoPeun remaining on the Ana. The dispersed positioning needed to defend point B, along with the longer sightlines mean targeted healing is more reliable than the auras provided by Lucio. This support combination also means GC Busan will have both a defensive (Transcendence) and an offensive (Nano Boost) ultimate to work with.

With their ultimate advantage RunAway attempt to snowball their momentum into a rapid capture of point B. HaGoPeun hits a Sleep Dart onto Haksal before he can draw the Dragonblade allowing WOOHYAL to finish him off before he can do any damage.

The next few minutes devolve into one extended fight as RunAway are unable to gain a big enough advantage to secure the point, but are also unwilling to retreat and regroup either. GC Busan win out in the end, through some brilliantly thrown Biotic Grenades from HaGoPeun, and a Nano Boosted Tracer.

Half their time gone RunAway eventually pull back to properly regroup, only for their next push to be thwarted by a Nano Boosted Winston. GC Busan are holding, and doing so with very few ultimates expended.

Several attempts later a Dragonblade from Haksal and smart Winston play from TiZi see RunAway break apart the defence for long enough to take the point.

Hooreg switches again for GC Busan’s attack, opting for McCree hoping to deal damage at range and rely on his Flashbang to counter Haksal’s Genji.

GC Busan get onto the point early but at the expense of Gesture on Winston. With Profit also down, they don’t have the numbers to win a team fight so pull back. Their next few attempts are held off by RunAway until Profit is able to get a double kill onto TiZi and JJANU. The support duo of RunAway does their best to contest, but it’s a losing battle. GC Busan take point A, albeit with a smaller time bank to work with.


As with GC Busan on the defence, RunAway take this opportunity to change their support composition. KoX stays on the Zenyatta and surprisingly it’s Bumper who switches onto the Ana.

With both support ultimates ready GC Busan push in hard on point B, Profit diving into the backline in what turns out to be a futile attempt to take out Bumper’s Ana. KoX drops the Transcendence to help RunAway win the fight.

With just over two and a half minutes remaining Profit and Hooreg take out the tanks of RunAway and it looks like GC Busan are going to capture the point. Seeing a low health Stitch drop down toward the health pack below the bridge onto point B Hooreg follow him, throwing a Flashbang at his expected position. A smart play that Stitch saw coming. He’d held back rather than go directly for the health pack, coming in seconds later as the Flashbang is detonating to kill Hooreg.

Just a minute remaining for GC Busan, and Hooreg has switched onto the Soldier 76. They are able to force out a Transcendence from KoX and go into for the capture knowing that HaGoPeun has his own ready. Hooreg drops his Biotic Field on the point, only for it to be negated immediately by a Biotic Grenade from Bumper. Seconds later HaGoPeun initiates his Transcendence, but the heal ban from the Biotic Grenade is still in effect and they are pushed back.

Fifteen seconds to go and Gesture is blown up by Stitch’s Pulse Bomb while Hooreg’s Tactical Visor ultimate ends as he’s killed by KoX from the far side of the point. Haksal draws his Dragonblade to take out WOOHYAL and there’s no time left for GC Busan.

RunAway take Hanamura and a two to one lead.

Map 4 Escort:

  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Another win for RunAway, another map selection for GC Busan this time around it’s Watchpoint: Gibraltar. A common map in western Overwatch tournaments it’s a rare sight in Korea.

After back to back losses GC Busan change up their DPS roles. Profit moves onto the Genji while Hooreg takes over Tracer duties; they’re looking to compete with RunAway’s DPS duo like for like.

Attack Widowmaker is a common sight on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, for RunAway that means KoX. They sacrifice the support provided by his Zenyatta in the hope of rapid kills to clear the way and get the payload moving. With Widowmaker pressuring GC Busan from the front Stitch is able to get around behind them and take out HaGoPeun on the Ana. Whatever GC Busan’s plan is, it doesn’t appear to be working.

High above the hanger floor, a fight atop the shuttle sees RunAway forcing GC Busan to fall back. All the while Bumper remains on the ground keeping the payload moving to point B.

Now able to mount a static defence GC Busan stabilise. Holding off RunAway again and again. The proximity of their spawn room, combined with the high healing output of both Closer’s Lucio and HaGoPeun’s Ana mean that no matter how much damage RunAway are able to do it just isn’t enough.

Compared to Haksal, in a straight fight Profit is the less capable Genji. GC Busan know this, so they ensure he never engages without protection. A Nano Boosted Dragonblade, a triple kill and GC Busan’s decision to go to Watchpoint: Gibraltar starts to look justified.

Separately both Haksal and Stitch attempt to dive HaGoPeun and shutdown GC Busan’s burst healing. Both times they are driven back, Biotic Grenades and intelligence positioning keeping Ana in the fight. Unable to deal with the constantly healed tanks of GC Busan, RunAway just can’t find a way through. The timer runs out without a full completion.


Profit teases his own Windowmaker before reverting to the Genji, HaGoPeun is back on the Zenyatta making it dive vs dive for GC Busan’s attack.

Constant pressure forces RunAway onto the low ground where a Sound Barrier from Closer gives Profit the protection he needs to take out Bumper and JJANU with a Dragonblade. Confronting the chaotic aggression of RunAway with their own more focused attack sees GC Busan rapidly take point A, then keep the fight going into the hanger. Constant harassment from Profit, Hooreg, and WOOHYAL deny RunAway the time they need to set up a defence on the high ground.

Caught by both WOOHYAL and Profit inside the shuttle, Haksal somehow manages to escape and return to his team. KoX’s Transcendence restores him to full health and a Dragonblade causes GC Busan to pull back granting RunAway their first team fight win of this round.

GC Busan seem to be learning from RunAway and don’t allow them any time to recover, immediately diving back in with a Transcendence of their own. Under the constant healing of the Zenyatta ultimate Gesture and WOOHYAL are able to wipe out most of RunAway, letting GC Busan take point B.

A potential miscommunication on the part of RunAway sees them all rush back in after the point has already been secured. KoX uses his Transcendence in a fight they are forced to retreat from, and now they are down a vital support ultimate with Profit’s Dragonblade ready to be drawn against them.

Bumper drops his Sound Barrier too early, and now with no support ultimates to buy time RunAway struggle to mount a defence. Haksal tries to initiate a fight back only to be ruthlessly targeted by nearly every member of GC Busan.

RunAway have run out of time and space. GC Busan are able to push to completion, bringing the series to a draw once again.

Map 5 Assault:

  • Temple of Anubis

RunAway’s consistent performance on Temple of Anubis over this season mean it was always going to be their map selection.

On attack GC Busan open with Profit back on the Tracer and Hooreg on the Widowmaker, though the latter initially decides to advance on the low ground rather than adopting the usual sniping position onto the top of the arches. The damage threat from the Widowmaker sends RunAway into the buildings around the point to take cover. Close confines that allow Gesture’s Winston free reign to do damage. The members of RunAway fall rapidly as GC Busan take the first point after a single fight.

Immediately KoX swaps off the Zenyatta for Sombra, he wants to get the health packs around point B hacked as soon as possible, setting himself up for an EMP based defence.

On the GC Busan side Hooreg switches the Widowmaker to the Doomfist looking to get in close and deal with Haksal’s Genji. In what looks like it might be a repeat of their initial attack, GC Busan capture two thirds of point B during a single drawn out fight before RunAway are able to take down HaGoPeun and Hooreg. With the large health pack closest to the point hacked by KoX, Profit has to retreat from the fight allowing RunAway to recover.

His EMP available KoX sneaks around in an attempt to catch HaGoPeun with it, draining his shields and making him an easy target. Unfortunately for RunAway WOOHYAL is ready, body blocking the incoming fire and driving KoX back.

While RunAway are trying to engage GC Busan in the doorway Profit has already snuck around to the point and comes close to completing the final third necessary for a full capture. He’s waiting for KoX as he Translocates back from his failed EMP attempt, and quickly takes him out. Only the return of JJANU on the D.Va is enough to make Profit withdraw.

Another attack from GC Busan, another attempt from KoX to EMP HaGoPeun in the back line. This time he’s stopped by Gesture on the Winston. This tactic from KoX might have worked against GC Busan earlier in the season, but they aren’t going to fall for it again.

A Meteor Strike initiated attack from Hooreg’s Doomfist extends into an all-out brawl on the point that sees GC Busan finally capturing it with just shy of a minute and a half remaining.


Temple of Anubis was RunAway’s map selection because of their tried and tested attack strategy with KoX on the Reaper. Usually reserved for point B, they bring decide to bring it out here for the initial attack. Bumper speed boosts KoX onto the point where he’s protected by the tanks of TiZi and JJANU. GC Busan are caught between Stitch on the Widowmaker and the close-range damage of Genji and Reaper. Much as GC Busan did themselves, RunAway take point A in with a single fight.

Bumper has built his ultimate, and KoX is over half way to his own by the time they push onward to the point B, and it looks like it’ll be taken just as quickly. A Sound Barrier from Bumper helps get them onto the point and they start to capture it, but they just can’t finish off the members of GC Busan quickly enough. RunAway’s healing is gone after WOOHYAL manages to take out Bumper. Soon after TiZi falls to HaGoPeun, now on the Sombra.

With each failed attack the desperation builds for RunAway. KoX wastes his Death Blossom away from the point to kill Hooreg’s Tracer, and Stitch misses a Pulse Bomb stick onto Gesture.

Two and a half minutes to go and RunAway finally get back on the point, but they just can’t kill Closer. Wall riding around the point, only to come back in from the other side with his Sound Barrier ready just as the rest of his team are rejoining fight. RunAway get pushed back yet again.

Having hacked every health pack around the point HaGoPeun’s EMP is available for almost every fight and his targeting is much better than KoX’s, as is his teams coordinated response to it. RunAway’s attacks are shut down time and time again.

At the very last-minute Profit swaps onto the Bastion whose pure sustained damage is just too much for RunAway to handle. They can’t complete the point B capture. GC Busan take Temple of Anubis, and a three to two lead.

Map 6 Escort:

  • Dorado

Given GC Busan’s long range hitscan skill and comfort with Pharah, Dorado is a surprise selection for RunAway. Though their only other option is Route 66, a map against which GC Busan defeated them the last time they faced each other.

GC Busan on attack first, and it’s another full dive composition for both teams.

Back on the Zenyatta for RunAway, KoX gets a headshot onto Hooreg during a flank attempt, while JJANU takes out Gesture halting GC Busan’s first push.

Stitch goes for his own flank attempt, and manages to stick WOOHYAL’s mech with a Pulse Bomb. The play was good but the D.Va’s response makes it even better for RunAway. Dropping off the high ground to get away from the Tracer, WOOHYAL instead carries the Pulse Bomb directly into the path of his own Zenyatta, and HaGoPeun is out of the fight.

Over half the time has gone and the payload still isn’t even close to point A.

A Transcendence push from GC Busan, leads to duelling self-destructs from WOOHYAL and JJANU, but it’s Profit’s Dragonblade that does the necessary work taking out JJANU’s mech and letting his team push to point A.

Once more RunAway refuse to give up any distance. They immediately reengage with a Transcendence of their own. Under its protection TiZi and Stitch take out the supports of GC Busan and they have to regroup.

Stitch is on a mission to deal with Gesture’s Winston, another Pulse Bomb stick takes out the GC Busan tank and leads to another fight win for RunAway. It’s a short-lived victory however as the GC Busan spawn room is just around the corner and Gesture is back in the fight within twenty seconds.

Bumper and KoX keep each other alive in the face of an aggressive dive from Hooreg and Gesture, though in doing so they have to retreat from the payload and GC Busan are able to get it moving up.

Stalled just inside the power plant beyond point B, Profit dives in with a Dragonblade that’s completely negated by KoX’s Transcendence. Haksal on the other hand, supported by TiZi, has the space to take out both Closer and HaGoPeun. There’s barely twenty seconds left and GC Busan just can’t find a way in.

Closer manages to get back and contest but his wall rides take him too high, the overtime meter drops down rapidly and RunAway hold GC Busan half way to the final point.


Mirrored compositions again with Profit trying to prove his worth on the Genji. Initially he does with a double kill onto JJANU and Stitch, before slicing through Haksal’s Genji. The rest of GC Busan are trading kills back and forth and the payload stalls out briefly under the arches into the market place.

RunAway maintain the pressure, and a Sound Barrier from Bumper sees them dive in, catching their opponents in one of the side rooms. Stitch and TiZi make short work of GC Busan and it’s a full team kill for RunAway; the first of the series.

Mid-team fight Stitch lands a Pulse Bomb onto a Primal Raging Gesture and JJANU finishes him off. Another Sound Barrier from Bumper helps RunAway continue their push. The coordination of GC Busan is starting to fall apart.

Closing on point B and again Stitch lands a Pulse Bomb onto Gesture, taking the Winston out of the fight. With a man advantage, TiZi uses his own Primal Rage to clean up the rest of GC Busan and point B goes to RunAway with four minutes left to push the payload just over fifty meters.

Profit draws his Dragonblade managing to kill Bumper through the extra shielding of his Sound Barrier, only for TiZi to leap on him and take him out of the fight.

Less than ten meters to go.

Profit changes to the Soldier 76 to try and deal with the members of RunAway from range only to be spotted by Stitch who harasses him, driving him back toward his spawn room.

With nobody to contest RunAway push the payload past the point that GC Busan reached to win Dorado. The series is tied once more and it’s going to the seventh map.

Map 7 Hybrid:

  • Eichenwalde

The mind games are in full force now as GC Busan pick Eichenwalde the site of RunAway’s game seven defeat against Lunatic-Hai in the season 2 final. On the attack first GC Busan are looking to not only defeat RunAway on Eichenwalde, but do so playing their opponents favoured dive composition.

It’s an aggressive first push by GC Busan, one that highlights how well Gesture is able to deploy his Barrier Projectors to protect his team. It’s his opposing number on Winston who goes down first, TiZi focused down with an Orb of Discord that allows Hooreg’s Tracer to secure the kill.

Even with their main tank down RunAway are able to win this first fight killing the GC Busan supports and forcing a retreat with no capture percentage accrued.

Profit gets into the backline with a Dragonblade and takes out KoX and Bumper, while at almost exactly the same moment Haksal is doing the same to his own supports, HaGoPeun and Closer going down.

With both support duos gone it’s GC Busan who managed to come out ahead. JJANU tries to hold the point for RunAway as long as he can, using his Defence Matrix to keep himself alive while he buys time for his team to rejoin the fight. In the end it’s just not enough and GC Busan complete the capture and start their push toward the castle.

The gates open, Gesture leaps up onto the battlements to take the high ground, only to land in the middle of the now regrouped RunAway. Unwilling to use his Primal Rage he drops back to the low ground and the safety of HaGoPeun’s Transcendence. Profit draws his Dragonblade again, finding nothing and protected by a Sound Barrier RunAway push GC Busan back.

Onto the bridge and TiZi triggers his Primal Rage leaping into the GC Busan backline to disrupt. At the other end of the bridge Profit is forced away by JJANU, only to be chased down by Stitch before he can find a health pack. Having won the fight, RunAway aggressively dive forward, JJANU providing cover for Stitch as he takes on the retreating members of GC Busan chasing them all the way back to their spawn room.

Down to thirty seconds, GC Busan choose to take the long way around. Profit dashing forward to keep the payload moving while his team engage. RunAway predictably dive in to counter attack, only for Closer to push both Stitch and TiZi off the side of the map. Suddenly everybody on RunAway is down and GC Busan have pushed right to the doors.

It’s Dragonblade verses Dragonblade in the castle, a brilliantly timed Sound Barrier from Closer means Profit comes out on top with two kills, while Haksal can’t find anything.

A last second dual kill self-destruct from JJANU looks like it might give RunAway some space, but it’s just not enough. GC Busan complete the push in overtime. RunAway will need a full push of their own or it’s all over.


On defence HaGoPeun and Closer have consistently provided the solid support backline that GC Busan need. It’s going to be a tough fight for RunAway, especially amidst the memories of what happened to them on this very map in season 2.

The first fight goes to GC Busan. RunAway’s second push has to be abandoned immediately when a perfect Pulse Bomb from Hooreg hits both Bumper and KoX. A third fight and Profit’s Dragonblade carves through the supports or RunAway, Bumper and KoX are down again and shortly after it’s a full team kill for GC Busan.

Half their time gone and RunAway have nothing to show for it.

As both support ultimates have been used GC Busan are at a disadvantage in the next fight and though Haksal goes down early RunAway are able to take the point. A miss-timed contest attempt by GC Busan nearly ends in tragedy for them, but they are able to get out again quickly once they realise their mistake.

As the payload rolls through the doors GC Busan initiate a dive from the high ground into the clustered members of RunAway. Sticth finds a perfect position but doesn’t have the Pulse Bomb ready to exploit it, fortunately Haksal is there and his Dragonblade does what Stitch couldn’t.

Halfway to the bridge and a targeted dive from GC Busan allows Profit to take out KoX, he then dies to JJANU but his job is done. With one support player out of the fight RunAway must disengage.

GC Busan now are following RunAway’s example and contesting every meter, draining the timer down no matter the cost. They push RunAway back to their spawn room, and there’s only a minute remaining.

There pressure is starting to show, Bumper drops a Sound Barrier after two members of his team are already down, and though they win the fight they won’t have that defensive ultimate for the fight at the castle doors. RunAway managed to take out GC Busan’s supports, but WOOHYAL and Gesture are much harder to deal with.

Both teams rush back in. TiZi gets killed early, and Closer wins the Lucio battle knocking Bumper off the side of the bridge. The timer drained, it’s into overtime, and if RunAway leave this payload it’s all over.

TiZi is back, but now he’s the only member of RunAway left. A burst of damage from his Tesla Cannon builds his ultimate. Primal Rage could be exactly what they need to close out the push to the doors, he triggers it leaping around the payload. He moves back against the doors onto the rubble piled there, leaps again. He goes too high, the overtime meter ticks down so fast that before he can land again it’s all gone. In an eerie repeat of their defeat in season 2 RunAway just can’t keep the payload in play.

GC Busan take Eichenwalde, the match, and the APEX Season 4 trophy.

RunAway managed to do what two time APEX winners and future Overwatch League team Lunatic-Hai couldn’t, and take multiple maps off GC Busan. In the end though it simply wasn’t enough, the superior support duo of Closer and HaGoPeun, along with some outstanding play by Gesture and Profit mean GC Busan are the new kings of Korean Overwatch.

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